• Calendars & Contact Information– Many times just getting your calendar and/or address-book to sync where it's needed can make things smoother. We can help you sync your calendar and/or address book between devices, people or both to streamline this process.

  • File Sharing– If you have more than one person in your business, it's a good bet that just setting up a simple file drive to share the information you need will help save time. Most can save the hardware and install costs with increased productivity in the first two months.

  • Daily Work– Are you entering the same data more than once? Are you entering data the customer has already entered? We can help you find ways so you quit doing the same thing more than once.

  • Training– Have you spent hours doing work on a report that should take less time? Is it because your data isn't in the right place or do you just need a little extra training on the software package you are using? Do you need someone to walk you through something you haven't done recently?

  • Backup– Backup is important. If you don't do anything else, find a way to keep your data safe.
The best back up strategy is to have three backups, 1. on-site, 2. off-site and 3. a back to the latest backup.


Workflow is what you do. Some of the things we look at is what can simplify the process you are doing. Do you have more than one person that needs to schedule your time? Do you need someone to have all the same data you do? Are you entering data more than once? Are you entering data that your customer is already entering? Are you having trouble finding history for a client? Do you spend more than 5 minutes looking up an individual piece of information? We work with you on making all of these things simple tasks, by using technology to your advantage, time management and office orgainzation.


The Technology Advantage.

Today's technology allows you to streamline many things that you wouldn't think about. Keep you calendar on your computer, on your phone and online. Accessing your data both inside and outside the office can also be done with ease and with the correct security so working in and out of the office can help streamline things as well.

Time Management.

Time management is not all just tracking your calendar. It's scheduling all of the things you do during the day and being realistic. It's also getting organized so you don't spend time looking for data, information, parts, or history.

Office Organization.

Getting an extra bookcase can often help organize an office, but organizing your data is just as important. A simple file server where you can store information that is needed by more than one person can save an office not only time, but also the ability to know that you have the latest copy of the document.

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