First Steps

  • Domain- A domain is the address that you want your site to reside at. You need to verify that what you want is available and register the domain with a registrar. Some of the most popular are:
    Network Solutions
    Domain Central.

  • What is it you want your site to do?– Is it marketing, eCommerce, communications, media rich, registration, data collection or something else? Tip: List the features you want in the site, this will help you get a realistic quote.

  • eCommerce Options- The most important question is how much business do you expect? Do you want a simple shopping cart, a pre-designed cart, or a custom shopping cart that ties into your credit card merchant's gateway? Some of the options for pre-designed carts are:
Taking Credit Cards?

How much do you take a month? Is it less expensive to get charged per transaction or to work with your bank?


A website can be many things and usually something different to everyone. Some need just a simple presence on the web, a simple shopping cart with as little expense as possible for just a few products, a custom shopping cart for a full store, a customer communication tool, or something that has data that changes regularly. Do you need someone to maintain your site? We can help you find the most cost effective choice for you.


fotonic Static Design.
A static (the content doesn't change often or you know someone will be taking care of the site). The site can be html, xtm, flash, php, java or a little bit of everything. Most of the work is done in a web design program such as Dreamweaver, iWeb or Front Page. It may have forms tied in but doesn't use a database to serve the information.
GPI Machine Tools Content Management System.

These sites have advantages as they are database served and can be easier to make changes in, but you have less control. They have custom modules that tie into the database to help you at add additional functionaliy for a small price. A couple of the most popular off the shelf CMS Systems are dotNetNuke and Joomla.

Aunt Sadies Cookies Webmistress Services.

Are you confused about registrars, domains, dns, and all the others things that go along with a website? We can help. Maybe it's an occasional change, maybe it just someone to look over your shoulder to make sure it's all going well or maybe it someone to watch and make sure when there is a problem, it gets resolved. We can do it all. Call us and find out how we can help you.

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