Training List

  • Our most popular product training includes: Introduction to Mac OS X; Digital Photography: iPhoto, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop; Web Design: Dreamweaver or iWeb, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat; Digital Video: iMovie, and iPhoto; Productviity: Pages, Keynote, PowerPoint, Mail, iCal, FileMaker, Bento, and MicroSoft Office

  • Don't see something ask. These are just our most popular topics and most of our sessions are one-on-one, so you get dedicated help with the projects or features you need.
  • Quick Tip– Apple offers 1 hour a week for $99.00 on any Apple consumer product. We do Beyond One-on-One sessions for those that need to take their products to the next level.

  • Adobe Help– Try the classroom in a book. It's a great place to start and they have tutorials with the book. There's also step by steps all over the web - the trick is knowing what you call the feature your looking for. Need a little One-on-One? We can do that.

  • Network Basics – With all of the technology we rely on in our homes and businesses everyone needs a general idea of what a network is, why it works the way it does and what to do when it quits working or when to call your support person. In a two hour session we can come look at your network, fix any minor problems and help you understand it and what the first steps are to make it work when it quits.

  • Backup Strategies– Everyone needs to backup. Even the occasional user. We can help you put together a strategy so you don't loose your data.

  • Free Sessions– MicroCenter provides free sessions on the second Sunday of each month. read more
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Why Design by Miss Mac?

We have real world experience, not just training the product, but using them for business and usually the projects you are doing. Some just need the one-on-one time with someone who uses the programs on a daily basis and answers questions for people across many industries. Some need something done in a short amount of time and want direction to get it done quickly without having to spend time looking up how to do things. Some want not just direction, but background and explaination of why. All of these things are important. We've been using and training on the software for 20+ years. We started with many of them in version 1.0 so we've lived the evolution of the product.

All about the Apple.

We specialize in Apple systems. If it's made by Apple we can answer the question. Occasionally you'll come to us with something we haven't seen, so a little research is in order. We can teach you about the Operating System; iLife: Garage Band, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb; iWork: Pages, Keynote, Numbers; Mail, Safari, iCal, and Mac OS X Server. From the very basic for our new users to the very advanced for those who have been using the Mac for years. We can also help you with the hardware and maintenance too.

Adobe Design Programs.

We do introduction and intermediate classes in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator , Dreamweaver, and Acrobat. All the things you need to keep your day to day business, personal or professional lives running smooth with the least amount of stress. From a quick change on a photo, your website, or just creating a pdf that you need to distribute on the web, via an email blast or just an individual customer or client. Learning the things you need and not the things you don't makes sense in todays work place were everyone is having to do more with less.

Web Design.

There's more to web design than just putting words and pictures into a web design product. Why things work or don't work, why it works in one browser and not the other, the mechanics of what has to be done, meta tags - what they are and why we use them, as well as social marketing and why it's important are just a few. Let us help you through the hoops of getting what you need out of your web presence from a simple informational stie to registration for an event or a shopping cart that shows your products at their best.


FileMaker Pro is the number one stand alone database on the market today. It's a true relational database and provides calculations, scripts, and plug-ins that allow you powerful tools to create a great place to store data for years. It is cross-platform solution out of the box and allows even the beginner to get great results. We can teach you the basics or how to create a complete solution. We will also custom design a product that helps you work better if you prefer. Then maintain the solution, so it's always running at it's best.

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