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List Of Topics

Our MicroCenter sessions are from 2-3 hours. We will answer your questions (on topic and off) during the session. On occasion, we'll have more people interested in a topic other than the one scheduled. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. These sessions are free, so come and learn. We'd love to answer your questions.

  • January, Intro to OS X
  • February, Digital Photos
  • March, Intro to OS X
  • April, iTunes & Mobile Devices
  • May, Intro to OS X
  • June, Digital Photos
  • July, Intro to OS X
  • August, Productivity
  • September, Intro to OS X
  • October, Syncing Everything
  • November, Digital Photos
  • December, No Class

Beyond One-On-One

Apple's One-on-One training provides great value for the money. When you need just a little bit more, we can build on that training. We've found that many of our clients will call us to work with them after two or three Apple sessions to take them beyond the one-on-one sessions. We also train on Adobe Design, Web Design, and FileMaker products.