Technology Support

Design by Miss Mac supports single homes, multiple homes, small office, and enterprise business’. Employees, Families and Individuals.

With all of the new technology being integrated into our homes and offices sometimes you need to be able to call someone. Whether, it is asking a few questions about the integration of the new technology into what you already have or changing out old technology with new technology. We can answer those questions and provide services to oversee or integrate the solutions.

We also understand that if the technology isn’t working, you aren’t meeting deadlines that are important to you whether they are personal or business. There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a day’s work, a project, or presentation and your machine(s), printer(s), or network just aren’t working the way you need or want them to. Design by Miss Mac can help get you back on track.

We provide support via text, phone, email, screenshare and on-site.

When things do go wrong and you don’t have a choice but to send your machine in for service. Design by Miss Mac knows that most people don’t have multiple machines so when your machine needs repaired and it takes more than  48 hours, we can provide a loan machine to keep you working.

We provide single and turnkey options including network design and maintenance, tech support help desk, managed services, or just someone you can call on an as needed basis. We provide clients support via on-site, come to us, screen share, email, text, or phone.

Need help with something you don’t see here? Call us, if it has to do with technology and electronics we probably have the solution.

We also provide free Apple classes in partnership with MicroCenter on the second Sunday of the each month (except December) at 1:00 pm. View Class Information. Classes are in the Mac Dapartment and at no cost to the attendees. No need to register, just come with your questions and the desire to learn.

Due to the pandemic, we are currently holding these classes via zoom. To sign up email us. We anticipate starting on-site classes again in January 2022.

Computer Setup

General install of software, email, printers and connection to the internet



Computer Rotation

General install of software, printers, internet connection and moving of data



Network Setup

Need better wireless?<br /> Initial consultation, hardware, and install pricing

$125 p/h


Mobile Setup

General install of software, email, sync settings, and connection to the internet



Mobile Rotation

Email, calendars, sync settings, internet connection and moving of data