Kirsha Creamer

Socail Marketing Mavin

Kirsha Creamer has worked with Apple hardware and software since 1998. She served as a member of the Children's Presentation team for Apple during the rollout of Claris Works for Kids. She has also represented Epson, Samsung, Intel and various other vendors in the retail space. She loves social marketing as well as designing, creating, and customizing all types of things from websites to t-shirts. In addition to working with Design by Miss Mac, she runs her own fashion and accessory design firm. To check out her other passion visit her site.

Kirsha has attended classes in various technologies, social marketing, interior design and fashion design. She enjoy's learning and applys many of the technics and principals to other aspects in her professional and private life. Her passions bring a unique insite into the various projects and clients that she works with for Design by Miss Mac.

Every social marketing site isn't for everyone. Depending on your industry one site may provide better results than others. Let us help you so you don't waste your time with those that might not provide your best return.

The advantage of the Technology Industry is that it's ever evolving. The disadvantage is it's ever evolving and everything constantly changes.

Popular Social Marketing


Pinterest / Popular with women

Pinterest is one of the popular site for women customers. It lends it's self well for items that relate to the house, children, crafts or fashion.


Instagram / A Picture is worth a 1,000 words

Anything that does well with images, is great for instagram. Services can be a challenge, but the rewards are usually pretty good.




















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