Support Options

  • On-Site Support– We come to you. We provide On-Site support nationwide. However, if you reside in the Dallas, Texas area we do not charge a trip charge for your on-site visit.

  • Screen Sharing– Screen sharing is easy. All you need is either iChat, AOL Instant Messanger (AIM), or LogMeIn. We can walk you through setting it up. It's great for quick answers or walk through's that are just a little more indepth. This is a great option for those outside of the free on-site visit area.

  • Telephone– We have two types of telephone tech support. (1) You have a problem and you call. (2) You have a scheduled appointment. Please be aware if you call and don't have an appoinment, I may not be available, but will be happy to call you back as quickly as possible.

  • eMail– We check mail twice a day, guarenteed. Once at the beginning of the day and once at the end of the day. Many times we check mail more than that, but that depends on the schedule for the day.
Paying by Credit Card

Not a problem. We also allow you to pay with cash or check.

I.T. Support

I.T. Support means many different things to different people. What we consider it to be is supporting your computer system(s) no matter how many, with or without a server, with or without a network. We've been supporting systems for 20+ years, so our advantage is we can support the old and the new machines. We specialize in Apple products, but can support and integrate windows products into your workflow as well. We support not just computers and networks, but mobile devices, printers, peripherals, and software.

Computer and Network Support.

Technology has integrated it's self into even the smallest home. Almost everyone has at least one computer, a printer and an internet connection. We can support the occasional call from someone that just can't get the computer to connect to the internet to the business that has a server and multiple devices and staff members to support.

Mobile Devices.

Most people think of mobile devices as laptop computers. With the progression of technology, that also includes your smart phone or mobile phone as well as cellular mobile cards or devices to access the internet when you aren't in the office. We can support these devices as well as help you integrate them into your workflow.


Most people forget the most important part of their support, software. Yes, the hardware needs to work, but what happens when you have a question about a piece of software, you can't get your email to connect to the server, or you open your mail and it's all gone? Now what? Call us. We support most of the software made for an Apple systems as well as many of the windows programs as well.

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