About Us

The staff at Design by Miss Mac realizes that when your technology isn’t working, it creates wasted time and frustration. By providing support via phone, text, email, screen share, zoom and on-site we can help you when you need the support most of the time. It is our job to keep our clients in working order, whether it’s home, at the office, during travel or just out and about. Occasionally, you’ll see or talk to someone other than your assigned technology consultant. We keep that to a minimum, as we realize that there isn’t anyone that has all the background for your account except the person that normally services your account.

With 35+ years of technology experience we can provide not just the how and the why, but the easiest way to accomplish the task. We stay on the cutting edge so that you have the advantage. We can tell you when to move so you can stay close to the cutting edge, without the usual headaches associated with cutting edge, or when to stay put because the cutting edge doesn’t benefit you, your staff or your family.

Because we each specialize in different areas of technology we have the ability to do turn key solutions. We work to cross train each other so we can all service each of our clients, but can also rely on each other’s specialties to provide our clients with the best solutions and service. It also allows us to always have someone that can fill in to meet our clients needs.

Designing ways to keep your technology effective and efficient
while keeping you, your staff and your family productive.

Why Design by Miss Mac?

Most of the Design by Miss Mac staff has worked on the vendor side of our business for multiple companies over the years. This gives us contacts that can help us help you. We are also partners and network members with the major software and hardware vendors our clients use. This allows us to go directly to the vendor with our problems, cutting out extra research time and allowing us to work to provide solutions to you quicker.

Over the last 20+ years Design by Miss Mac has been providing consulting and and support services for our clients. By staying on the cutting edge, but also dealing with many systems and solutions over the last 30+ years, we have the background to support older systems and migrate the old systems into the new systems.

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